Sustainable Fashion for You

Discover sustainable clothing brands you can personalise

Sustainable Fashion for You

Europe-based print-on-demand

We only make the products that you ordered or customized, whether they are single items or large quantities. Neither overproduction and nor manufacturing to order.

2% or less return rate

With just under a 2% return rate, we are among the best in the industry. If you send us something back, we'll either donate it or recycle it.

Powered by green energy

We have been covering the electricity requirements of our servers in the EU and our Leipzig headquarters with green energy since 2020.

Sustainable Picks for You

Corporate Clothing

In addition to aprons, we have other custom apparel to help promote your brand. Complimentary consultation and quality control included.

Graphics Service

Need some help creating a design?

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All bulk orders (5 items or more) will be sent in cardboard packaging beginning in January 2022. By the end of the year, we hope to switch to entirely plastic-free packaging, even for smaller purchases. Learn more about our sustainability strategy by visiting this page.

Make use of our product page’s filters. All of our sustainable range’s items will be displayed if you click the option for organic products.

We use eco-friendly inks, vegan color pigments, and energy-efficient printing techniques with direct digital printing, which is our go-to method of printing.

Our collection of organic products is always expanding. Our goal is to have a sustainable alternative for practically all items by the end of 2022.

Yes. All of our customized items are printed and done in Europe at our 2 manufacturing facilities in Krupka, Czech Republic, and Legnica, Poland. We can only print the items using print-on-demand if an order has been placed because how this avoids overproduction, our methodology is very sustainable.

We are fortunate to have the lowest industry-wide return rates at 2%. We either give or recycle whatever we receive back. Learn more about recycling and donating here.

Fashion with a sense of environmental responsibility

Are you prepared to stand out in fair trade, organic apparel with striking prints? Makes your hybrid electric glow with green designs? You never refuse organic food, right? If so, you’ve arrived at the correct spot. Discover fantastic goods made with organic materials and create your own T-shirts, sweatshirts, backpacks, and more. Your environmentally friendly item will be printed using vegan and moisture colors (Love, peace, and happiness).

Find ethical clothes companies right away

You may get ethical clothes from a variety of companies in our selection. The Top quality collection, another range of green products made by Brandum, is also available! You’ll demonstrate that eco-friendly clothing can look incredibly cool and distinctive with your fresh pure cotton T-shirt with a custom theme or your customized reusable bottle of water.

Choose organic clothes if you want to

Authentic fashion in a wide range: Pick from a variety of T-shirts to wear or give as a gift. Find baby bodysuits and aprons made from organic materials. And you can go completely organic with items like organically produced backpacks, joggers, baseball hats, and more. Every single item is programmable!