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The Brandum Story

Located in the heart of East London Brandum has established itself as a leading name, in the clothing industry. Since its establishment in 2018 our company has earned a reputation for excellence. Garnered the loyalty of many. Under the guidance of Director Umair Iqbal, a figure with roots in the clothing manufacturing sector Brandum journey has been characterized by passion, expertise and an unwavering commitment to delivering top notch quality.

  • Top quality prints using the latest technology
  • Mix and match colors, sizes, and designs


The foundation of our story can be traced back to a standing tradition of clothing production. It all began in 1982 when Umair’s father first ventured into the clothing business laying down the groundwork for what was to come.

Growing up surrounded by fabrics and threads Umair developed an interest in both business and fashion. He honed his skills for than 15 years before embarking on his entrepreneurial path with Brandum. His extensive knowledge and unwavering dedication have played a role, in shaping our company’s success.

Authentic British Craftsmanship

Brandum is deeply rooted in manufacturing practices. Each piece we create not exudes quality but also reflects the strength and finesse synonymous with British craftsmanship.

We are not merely running a business; we embody manufacturing that resonates with our diverse clientele through their unwavering satisfaction.


Excellence, in Personalization

Our core values revolve around delivering carefully crafted personalized clothing that allows individuals to express their identities.

From t shirts and hoodies to a selection of babywear our main focus has always been on ensuring that each item we create is a work of art in itself.

With our user ordering process, designs and a wide range of font choices personalizing your garment becomes not only simple but also truly enjoyable for our valued customers.

Keeping up with Technological Advancements

Recognizing the importance of progress Brandum makes investments in state-of-the-art digital printing equipment to ensure that every print is vibrant, sharp and long lasting.

Our dedication to staying of technology can be seen through our ordering and preview systems. These tools enable customers to visualize their designs with accuracy before bringing them to life.


Devotion, to Every Order

At Brandum we approach every order with measures of precision and passion regardless of its size or complexity.

We offer an ever-expanding collection of garments as we strive not to meet but also anticipate the diverse needs and preferences of our valued clientele.

We are delighted to offer discounts, for orders and our fast and reliable delivery services have made us a top choice among customers who value both reliability and exceptional craftsmanship.

Encouraging. Fostering Creativity

Our platform serves as a canvas where there are no limits to creativity. Customers can infuse their touch into clothing and gifts resulting in products that are not only one of a kind but also deeply meaningful.

We don’tfulfil orders; we deliver stories, memories and pieces of self-expression. We continuously cherish the trust of our returning customers.

Meet the Director

Umair Iqbal is more than a director; he is the driving force behind Brandum. With decades of industry knowledge, experience and an unwavering commitment to quality Umair carries on a legacy.

His business expertise combined with his passion for fashion has played a role in positioning Brandum as more, than just a brand. It is seen as a trusted partner that creates with love, skill and an unwavering dedication to excellence.

In every fabric we weave and every service we provide Brandum carries generations of stories—a legacy of manufacturing excellence—. Envisions a future where each garment tells its own unique narrative.

We’re more, than makers; we’re also storytellers, committed to crafting pieces that embody the highest standards of quality, creativity and individual expression.

When you choose Brandum you’re not simply putting on clothing; you’re adorning yourself with a work of art – one that has been meticulously created personalized with care and brought to life with passion.

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Premium Quality Shirts. Experience unmatched comfort and lasting craftsmanship. Your wardrobe deserves the best.

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Outstanding Quality. Elevate your standards with our exceptional products and services. Unparalleled satisfaction awaits.

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Secure Payment. Your transactions are safeguarded with cutting-edge technology. Shop with confidence and worry-free.

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Custom Size & Style. Embrace uniqueness with personalized designs that fit you perfectly. Your style, your way.

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Shipping Worldwide. From anywhere to everywhere, receive our products at your doorstep. Embrace international convenience.

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No Order Minimums. Whether big or small, we cater to all your needs without restrictions. Shop without limits.

Swift Solutions

High-Speed Services. Experience efficiency like never before with our rapid and reliable assistance. Fast-track your creativity today.

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Free Templates. Jumpstart your designs with our complimentary, professionally crafted templates. Design made easy and exciting!

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