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Corporate Apparel & Bespoke Business Wear

Elevating Your Brand Through Corporate Wear

Welcome to the collection of tailored apparel and bespoke business wear offered by Brandum. We pride ourselves in redefining your brands expression and elevating your team’s image. Explore our crafted range of men’s and women’s business shirts fit polo shirts, versatile printed t shirts, comfortable hoodies, sophisticated jackets and an extensive selection of workwear that truly reflects your brands ethos.

At Brandum we go beyond curating clothing; we create an experience. Our expertise lies in incorporating your insignias with impeccable precision. Through embroidery, vibrant screen printing and vivid digital printing techniques we ensure a lasting impression of your brand, on every piece of apparel. What sets us apart is our commitment to delivering top quality apparel and merchandise at prices.

We are not just providers; we are partners in creating bespoke branded apparel that goes beyond uniforms. Understanding that every stitch, colour and fabric contributes, to your brands narrative, our dedicated account managers work diligently to bring your designs to life while telling a story.

From crafted polo shirts adorned with embroidery, to customized shirt printing and personalized outerwear your team will exude the essence of your brand in every interaction.

Global Reach with a Personalized Approach

In today’s era of work and dispersed teams maintaining a cohesive brand image can feel overwhelming. However, with Brandum you can enjoy shipping that ensures your teams across various locations proudly showcase your brand. Our comprehensive offerings include.

shipping options to cater to your teams.

Convenient delivery options for individual staff residences or regional offices

Hassle free storage and fulfilment services

All in one solution bundled for your convenience.

Unmatched Premium Corporate Attire

At Brandum we understand the evolving nature of brands. No longer do they settle for ill-fitting uniforms; instead, they embrace quality corporate clothing that employees wear with pride. Alongside our range of wholesale clothing options, we also curate an exquisite selection from renowned brands such as Patagonia, Nike, North Face and many more.

Built on a Foundation of Sustainability

We are not merely on a path towards sustainability; it is at the core of our principles and values. Our commitment to sustainability runs, within our organization. We offer a selection of custom clothing options that are sourced in an ethically responsible manner. Our garments are made from materials such, as cotton, recycled fabrics and synthetic options like recycled polyester. This ensures that your brand not talks about its values but also puts them into action getting closer to achieving a Net Zero impact.

Q&A Section

Can I get my attire customized with colours?

Certainly! For orders we can dye the garments to match your designated Pantone colours. Afterward we can. Print your branding onto the clothing. If you’re unfamiliar with Pantone colours don’t worry—we have a team to assist you!

How can I ensure brand colours on the apparel?

Using Pantone matched inks or threads is often the cost effective and efficient way to achieve precise representation of your brands colours on your clothing. This approach allows for delivery times. Provides a wide range of product choices.

What’s the best advice for choosing colours for staff members?

Opting for simplicity is usually a choice. An adaptable colour like black allows you to mix and match products from ranges without worrying about slight variations in shade. However, if you prefer something, with your brand or vibrant our extensive colour palette covers all ranges and will undoubtedly meet your needs.

Is it possible to order bespoke branded clothing?

Absolutely! We offer the option of customized branded clothing tailored to meet your requirements.

We’re delighted to help you with clothing. In addition, to our range of 17,000+ made products that can be customized with your branding we also offer tailored manufacturing for those seeking something completely unique.

Can I get company branded clothing locally?

Absolutely! Despite our size Brandum has a presence with production facilities spread across the UK and a robust European hub. No matter where you are in the world,we’re ready to fulfil your branded clothing requirements.

Does Brandum offer workwear with logos?

Yes, we cover all aspects of your corporate workwear needs. We provide corporate wear as well, as customized items featuring your logo through printing and embroidery. Whether you run a cafe or a thriving tech startup Brandum is here to support you when it comes to apparel.

Discover the difference of Brandum where your brands image is intricately integrated into every aspect of our curated corporate wear. Visit our website. Experience a world where style, comfort and the voice of your brand come together harmoniously in apparel.

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