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Discover the world of Direct, to Garment (DTG) Printing, where you’ll find printing quality that is bursting with colours and a soft luxurious feel on textiles.

If you’re in search of an top notch custom full colour printing service look no further than Direct to Garment (DTG) Printing. This renowned method offers printing capabilities delivering designs promptly while ensuring an eye catching visual appeal.

Understanding the Essence of Direct to Garment (DTG) Printing

With DTG printing we digitally transfer an image directly onto a garment using techniques to those of inkjet printers on paper. By adopting our DTG approach we eliminate the need for time consuming preparation steps. Efficiently cater to both large orders with comprehensive colour graphics. This method is particularly well suited for occasions or smaller scale orders.

The Realities of DTG Providers. Unveiled

Unfortunately, many DTG print providers unknowingly impose limitations on print quality due to their use of INKJET desktop printers that have been adapted for fabric and garment printing. As these printers were not originally designed for this purpose, they often sacrifice both speed and quality compared to ” grade” standards.

Our digital printing technology ensures that we can provide long lasting prints on a range of t shirt colours whether they are light or dark. Unlike methods our DTG technology avoids the hassle of screen setups. Allows for quick execution making it suitable, for both small and large production runs. The quality of our prints is top notch with resistance to cracking, peeling, and stretching. We can reproduce designs with detail. Additionally, we prioritize consciousness by using water-based inks. Whether you need a piece, or a larger quantity printed there is no requirement for orders.

In summary;

Our DTG technology delivers prints that remain vibrant after washing.

 It offers the convenience of no screen setups. Ensures turnaround times.

 The quality is dependable with resistance to cracking and peeling.

 Detailed designs are reproduced accurately.

 We use eco water based inks.

 There’s no minimum order requirement, for batches.


Choose us for grade DTG digital printing! Economical Viability; Particularly cost effective, for print runs.


Selective Fabric Compatibility; Not suitable for rough fabric garments and Polyester/Poly Blend Fabrics.

Limitations in Pantone Matching; Unable to match Pantone PMS colours.

Concerns about Durability; May not guarantee prints that last long as some methods, such as screen printing.

Less Cost effective for Bulk Orders; Larger quantities might be economically feasible with printing methods.

Reduced Vibrancy on Dark Fabrics; Colours may not appear as vibrant on fabrics.

The Transition to Direct to Film (DTF)

DTG has. Been replaced by DTF, the breakthrough in garment printing technology. For an in depth exploration of DTF please refer to our section on DTF.

Answer Session

Q; What sets our DTG printing apart from others?

A; Our unwavering dedication to using elite, commercial grade DTG technology allows us to consistently deliver durable prints that maintain their vibrancy after multiple washes. We always strive for Fashion Grade quality that matches standards.

Q; Why do DTG prints, from providers sometimes appear faded or less vibrant?

A; Typically when we use modified INKJET desktop printers and thinner inks the vibrancy and quality of the prints may be compromised, on garments.

Q; What finishing options do we offer?

A; We have a range of finishing services, for orders of least 12 units. These include Polybag Packing, Swing Tagging, Size Tag/Label Changing, Custom Packaging & Boxes Sticker Labels and various Logistics & Transportation Solutions.

Q; Can DTG be used for all fabric types and colours?

A; No DTG has limitations. It is not suitable for coarse fabrics Polyester/Poly Blend Fabrics. Additionally it cannot perfectly match Pantone PMS colours. However, it works well with garments made primarily of cotton.

We welcome any questions or deeper exploration. Please feel free to reach out to us or explore sections of our website for insights and detailed information.

Please note that DTF (direct to film) technology has replaced DTG. Take a look at our DTF section, for information.

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