Exciting times ahead! We’re thrilled to help bring your designs to life. To zoom through the quoting process and get you started as swiftly as possible, we’d love it if you could share a few details with us. The more you can tell us now, the quicker we can get your quote zooming back to you!

🚀 Sending an Enquiry? Here’s Your Checklist:

🎨 Print Type/Process

Curious about a particular printing process? Let us know! If you’re unsure, that’s perfectly okay – we’re here to guide you with our expert recommendations. (Options might include Screen Printing, Digital Transfers, Digital Printing, Embroidery, etc.)
🌈 Colours

If opting for screen printing, how many colours are in your artwork?
Example: Front Chest Print = white, red, green & blue = 4 colours.
Please specify colours for each separate print position.
👕 Garments

How many items will you be printing for each design?
Will you be supplying the garments, or shall we? (P.S. We offer garments at fantastic wholesale prices!)
🎨 Garment Colours

What colours will your garments be?
Example: x20 white shirts / x30 black shirts.
📏 Size Breakdown

(This can wait if you’re unsure!) A breakdown of sizes for the garments.
Example: 10 small / 20 medium, etc.
🎨 Artwork

Please share any artwork you have, even if it’s just a rough sketch or mock-up. It’s super helpful in speeding up the quoting process!
We’re here to make this process as smooth and enjoyable as possible for you. If you have any questions or need assistance at any point, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Your dream designs are just a quote away!