Personalised T-Shirts!
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Irresistible stuff! Create your own custom T-shirts for men, women and kids

Personalised T-Shirts!
Design & Order

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A guide to designing your own shirt

  • From over 100 styles and colors, you’re sure to find the perfect T-shirt
  • Add your own photo or design, or choose from one of the millions of designs available for free
  • Customize your T-shirt by adding text
  • It’s just a matter of adding the item to your basket and you’re all set!

Corporate Clothing

In addition to aprons, we have other custom apparel to help promote your brand. Complimentary consultation and quality control included.

Graphics Service

Need some help creating a design?

Find Answers to your Questions

It’s really simple to create a personal T-shirt with Brandum. There are only a few decisions you must first make, such as the style of T-shirt you want and the design you want to have printed on it. To support you, we offer a huge collection of designs and typefaces, and of course, you are welcome to contribute your graphic concepts. If you need any more help, you may also get in touch with our experienced design staff, who can assist you in fulfilling your ideas for a little fee.

Simply submit the logo in one of the accepted file types (PNG, JPG,  GIF, SVG, AI) with a limit file size of 10MB to add it to your T-shirt. After that, position the logo where you want it and, if required, resize it. Now you’re ready to go.

Each of our t-shirts is put through several tests. This is done to ensure that the print is as high-quality as it can be and that the T-shirts themselves can provide you with the fantastic comfort and ideal fit you want. Some T-shirts are thickly made of cotton, while others include a fabric combination of several materials that makes them very comfortable to the touch. You may select the design and fit of your personalized T-shirt from a vast variety of choices.

We do provide a complete satisfaction guarantee, yes. You have 30 days to return your purchase if there are any issues with your personalized T-shirt or if you are not completely happy. Simply contact our customer care staff, and they will be happy to help you.

Yes, all custom t-shirts are designed in UK, either at our Legnica, Poland, or Krupka, the Czech Republic, production plant.

You may print on the front, back, and sleeves of the majority of our t-shirts. Price increases will be applied for each additional region. The T-shirt may be the entirely customized way you want it to be.

Yes, We do not have a minimum order amount. One personalized T-shirt or a thousand custom T-shirts may be ordered. With no minimum order quantity, you may design the T-shirt exactly how you want it for any occasion or event, no matter how big or little.

Standard, premium, and expedited delivery are the three options we provide. Your personalized T-shirt can arrive within two working days if you choose express shipping (times may vary depending on different states and the number of t-shirts ordered).

Your photograph, plan, or text printed on a T-shirt

Our Design Toolbox makes it simpler than ever before to design a unique T-shirt. You may quickly and simply design and produce your personal t-shirt with this cutting-edge software. It is feasible to create a t-shirt with a photo, a special pattern, or custom text. When a basic, uninteresting, published T-shirt just didn't reduce it, personalised t-shirts are the ideal solution.

Personalized T-shirts with a V-neck, a classic look, or a thin fit

T-shirts by Brandum are available in a variety of women's, men's, and children's sizes and shapes. We do indeed have the ideal design for you, regardless of how you would like your imprinted T-shirt to appear. We have put our bespoke T-shirts through durability testing since we understand how crucial quality may be when creating a T-shirt from scratch. Your tees will come from a fair and ecologically responsible production process according to the quality seals held by our vendors, and they'll look beautiful even after several washings.

Any occasion calls for this ideal gift

Looking for a unique present that they won't be able to find anywhere else? Then use Brandum to create a personalised T-shirt. You can be sure that the recipients won’t be getting the same present repeatedly when you order bespoke T-shirts from us for birthdays, vacations, or to make a statement about Brexit. It's also entertaining to use because you may embellish your t-shirt with a picture, an original look, or customized text. You've arrived to the perfect spot if you're looking for an impressive present.